Will be out on CD and 12" LP

Hello there !

We're really glad to finally be able to present a new album to you. All original songs (except three) are written and recorded in 2003. The four cover songs are recorded in 2003, as well. This time we went even further in our mix of 1950's music and included two tributes to the sounds of the RCA studios 1956-57, with a full band incl. piano and a 4-piece vocal group. And of course, our regular mix of Western Bop, Rock-A-Billy and late 50's Rock'n'Roll.
Hope you'll like it !

Take care !

The new songs:

1. Move On (K. Vikmo)
2. Pink Dress (and a diamond belt) (K. Vikmo)
3. Partycrashers Bop (K. Vikmo)
4. To Fall In Love (K. Vikmo)
5. Poor Heart (K. Vikmo)
6. I Wanta Make Love (L. Dobson)
7. Bandit Ball (J. Juvonen)
8. I'll Miss You (K. Vikmo)
9. Shake Around (T. Blake-J.Ross)
10. Bankrobbin' R&R (K. Vikmo)
11. I Wish You Were Here (K. Vikmo)
12. True Blue (F. Miller)
13. Rock'n'Roll Mister Moon (J Poynter-J. Dyson)
14. Mr Love (K. Vikmo)